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Skills for Dermatology

Online module aimed at community pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in primary care who want to enhance their learning in dermatology.


Skills for Dermatology is an NEW online module from the Medway School of Pharmacy. It is aimed principally at community pharmacists, but the vast majority of the content is suitable for pharmacists in other settings and other healthcare professionals working in primary care who want to enhance their learning in dermatology. Successful completion of the course results in the award of 10 academic credits at level 7 (master’s level). The course is part of the Skills training package from Medway School of Pharmacy.

There is a huge potential role for pharmacists in the care of those with skin problems both for over the counter sales for acute complaints and in supporting patients with long-term skin conditions. This module will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to diagnose and treat the common skin conditions presented in primary care. It can also serve as useful underpinning knowledge for anyone thinking of developing their clinical skills in this area further, with perhaps a view to prescribing in dermatology in the future.


Learning materials: This module consists of nine modules dealing with different clinical areas within dermatology. We suggest you work through them in order.

  • Introduction
  • Module 1 – background & history taking
  • Module 2 – topical treatments
  • Module 3 – bacterial skin infections
  • Module 4 – viral and fungal skin infections
  • Module 5 – insect bites and infestations
  • Module 6 – acne and rosacea
  • Module 7 – eczema
  • Module 8 – psoriasis
  • Module 9 – skin and sun
  • Module 10 – assessment

At the end of each module is a ‘test yourself section’. Here you will find MCQs which will help you test your knowledge and understanding of the module. If you struggle with these questions, review the module until you are comfortable with your grasp of the topic.


The assessment module consists of a series of case studies. In each case study you have a brief background to the patient and their patient medication record. You will be able to watch part of a video recorded consultation between a pharmacist and a patient. The short video is followed by a series of seven multiple choice questions. Each MCQ has four possible responses and you need to select the best answer in each case. You need to score 6 out of 7 to pass the case study. You will be randomly presented with a maximum of five cases studies and you need to pass three cases studies to pass the course overall and obtain the certificate. You do not have to complete all the case studies at one time. You can log off the site having completed one case study and log on later with your User Name and Password. This means you can complete case studies when you choose to do so.

In the event that you do not pass 3 case studies having undertaken 5 case studies, your attempt will be recorded as a fail and you will need to pay for another attempt. Under university regulations you are permitted a total of 3 attempts. The cost of the retake is £75.

At the beginning of the assessment module, there is more information about the assessment and you can try a demo assessment to familiarise yourself with the process. You will also find some hints and tips on undertaking the assessment.


Once you have successfully completed the assessment you will be able to download a completion certificate from the website. You will also be awarded 10 credits from the Universities of Kent and Greenwich. These credits can be used towards achieving a Postgraduate Certificate in Medicines Optimisation within the Medway Short Course Pathway.


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