Medway School of Pharmacy

Medway School of Pharmacy

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

The Medway School of Pharmacy (MSoP) is committed to the creation and support of a balanced, inclusive, and diverse community which is open and accessible to all students, staff, visitors and members of the public; and where individuals are integrated, diversity is recognised, and there is flexibility to support differing aspirations and goals.

By celebrating the diverse nature of our population, we will not only meet, but also exceed our obligations under current and future equality legislation, including the Athena Swan Charter and the Race Equality Charter. The work is headed up by the DEI Network, which has the role of disseminating appropriate practice, highlighting initiatives and working collaboratively with those responsible for other workstreams and areas of responsibility to enable best practice to be carried out throughout the school.

The vision for MSoP is to develop a place for both work and study that encompasses the key areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion where all aspects are interdependent.

The MSoP recognises that many members of the public use the services of the universities for example: Library, Theatre, Restaurant and Sports Centre or attend conferences on site. The MSoP takes seriously its responsibility to these people and affirms that they will be treated with respect for their rights. Likewise, it is not acceptable for staff or students to be treated unfairly by service users or visitors across the campus sites of Kent and Greenwich.

The University of Greenwich’s Director of Estates and the Purchasing Officer have rigorous systems in place for ensuring all contractors and tendering organisations comply with our EDI policy.

It is the policy of the MSoP that people are not privileged or subject to less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, age, disability, race, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, religion or belief, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, national origin, Trades Union membership or type of contract (whether full time, part time or fixed term).

The MSoP recognises that members of staff and students may have a range of aspirations and goals and wishes to provide a positive working and learning environment where diverse skills and experiences are applied to learning and teaching, support services, research, consultancy, administration, and management.

All staff and students should have equal access to the full range of institutional facilities and adjustments to working and learning practices are considered wherever appropriate in order to accommodate a more diverse and inclusive community.

The MSoP seeks to become an institution that empowers all, makes suitable adjustments for anyone who is disadvantaged, promotes good relations between members of all groups, and is representative of its local, national, and global community in terms of staff and student profiles.

The promotion of the ideals of DEI cannot succeed without the active support of the entire organisation. The Leadership has ultimate responsibility, managers have direct day to day responsibility, and all members of staff and students have personal responsibility for its implementation.

Diversity, equity, and inclusivity are integral to the School’s policy formulation, planning, projects and programmes. The MSoP takes the above responsibilities very seriously and will investigate any allegations of discrimination and take action as appropriate. It will seek to resolve any conflicts arising from differences in culture, background or expectations in accordance with it’s DEI policy.