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Medway School of Pharmacy

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Develop your pharmacy career with Medway

Independent / Supplementary Prescribing, General Pharmacy Practice, Medicines Optimisation, Short Courses and Research

Postgraduate Taught Courses

The Medway School of Pharmacy’s postgraduate taught programmes are specifically designed for a range of healthcare professionals in active clinical practice. You can train as a non-medical prescriber, develop your career as a newly qualified clinical pharmacist, gain a qualification in Medicines Optimisation or take a series of short courses for CPD and career development. You will be taught and guided by a group of dedicated academic and clinically active healthcare professionals who are experts in their fields.

What our students say about us:

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all, without exception you have all been amazing, and very supportive.”

“Your team is really doing a great job for students.”

“A BIG Thank you for all your support with getting me through the prescribing course…… it was a tough one!! But thank you I couldn’t have done it without the support of your team.”

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Postgraduate Research

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Achieve your potential as an independent researcher

We welcome PhD applications across all research areas within the School. Visit the main Research page for more information on the research carried out by each research group.

Our world-class academic staff provide research students with excellent supervision.  Visit the People page to search for potential supervisors.

We are currently accepting applications for the following self-funded PhD projects.

For more details about the individual projects, click on FindaPhD.com.

Project Titles Supervisors
Biological Rhythms and Neuronal Pharmacology Dr Gurprit Lall, Dr Zameel Cader (University of Oxford)
Investigating the biological basis of mucoadhesion, towards developing transmucosal drug delivery systems Dr Francis Brako, Dr Maxwell Casely-Hayford, Dr Elisa Vasilopoulou
Selection and evaluation of new universal influenza vaccine candidates using monoclonal antibodies and digitally designed HA and NA libraries & pseudotype virus screens Dr Nigel Temperton, Dr Simon Scott , Prof Jonathan Heeney (University of Cambridge)
Generation of human cytomegalovirus-pseudotyped particles and development of systems for the study of viral cell entry mechanisms, neutralizing antibody responses to infection and vaccination, and testing of potential novel therapeutics Dr Simon Scott , Dr Nigel Temperton, Dr Matthew Reeves (UCL)
Formulation of layered silicate-polymer composite particles for the potential oral delivery of biologics Dr Vivek Trivedi, Dr Vadim Sumbayev
Defining the role of thymosin-beta4 as a novel regulator of inflammation in kidney disease Dr Elisa Vasilopoulou
Optimising patient care by improving understanding amongst healthcare professionals of how their patients use herbal medicines Dr Sukvinder Kaur Bhamra, Dr Bob Allkin (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew), Prof Michael Heinrich (UCL)
Anti-Viral Plastic Antibodies for Diagnostics and Therapeutics Dr Andrew J Hall, Dr Nigel Temperton
Deciphering the landscape of nucleoporin and lamin function in nucleocytoplasmic communication, nuclear scaffolding and transcriptional control in disease prevention Dr Fani Papagiannouli, Dr Gurprit Lall
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Tumour Targeting Analogues of Combretastatin A4 Dr M A Casely-Hayford, Dr N Lavignac, Dr V Sumbayev
Computational Neuroscience Investigating the Neurobiological Underpinning of Simple Decision-Making in the Xenopus laevis Tadpole Dr Stella Koutsikou, Dr Joel Tabak-Sznajder (University of Exeter), Prof. Roman Borisyuk (University of Exeter)