Medway School of Pharmacy

Medway School of Pharmacy

Medicines Management for AHPs

This is a non-credit bearing two day course intended primarily for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs); physiotherapists, podiatrists, radiographers and dietitians.

Whilst many allied health professionals are involved with aspects to do with medicine as part of their scope of practice, they often have little or no formal education at undergraduate or postgraduate level in pharmacology or medicines use to support this. Many may be advising GP colleagues, for example about medicines use, and without this underpinning knowledge this could put patients at risk. This module sets out to provide some of the background information to plug this gap. The content covers the legal frameworks for medicines use, basic pharmacology and physiology, consultation skills, communication within teams, and critical analysis of available evidence associated with decision making. A central theme is the understanding of the term Scope of Practice and how an AHP can determine if they are working within their scope or not and the risks associated with working outside of their scope.  This will also provide a basis for those thinking of undertaking the non-medical prescribing qualification in the future.

This is a non-credit bearing module and will be delivered entirely online via our Virtual Learning Environment.




Entry Requirement:

Registration with your professional regulatory body


If you have any enquiries, please contact the postgraduate taught administrator.



Access to this short curse can be purchased via the University of Greenwich Online Store