Nana Ofori-Atta MPharm



Currently Teacher Practitioner at Medway School of Pharmacy and Pharmacist Manager at Delmergate Ltd.

I have always wanted to do something that enabled me to help people. My mum is a nurse so I always assumed I was going to be a doctor but when I didn’t get accepted into my chosen Med School a consultant at her hospital told me to count myself lucky and to try pharmacy because “they get paid more and their patients still bring them biscuits”

Why did you choose Medway School of Pharmacy?
I applied to the University of Kent, thinking I was going to live in Canterbury and ended up in Medway but looking back it was one of the BEST mistakes of my life.

What were your favourite aspects of studying at Medway School of Pharmacy?
The academics and the school is very good at what they do but I would say that I work here now. The Course when I was studying gave us hands on experience of what being a pharmacist meant and also challenged our understanding of patient care. I also made lifelong friends and we pushed and supported each other through university and still do after graduating. I would say my favourite aspect of studying at Medway was that it gave me the opportunity to grow and develop at my pace.

Where are you now?
I am currently a Pharmacist Manager for Lloyds Pharmacy in Ashford and also the Lloyds Teacher Practitioner at Medway School of Pharmacy

What would you say to prospective Medway School of Pharmacy students?
If you are willing to work hard the Medway School of Pharmacy will do all it can to help you achieve your goals. And hey, I loved it soo much I came back again.