Mahleek Salawu

2017 MPharm graduate


I've always seen myself as science fan and with a mum who is a nurse and a sister who is a dentist it always seemed inevitable that I would end up going down a medical route. A degree in pharmacy will give me the ability to help people as part of my everyday life and this has always seemed very attractive to me because it fits in with my values in life. I feel that all life is precious, so we all should all try to use our own to give as big as impact as possible.

Coming to Medway at first seemed a bit of a pipe dream as I felt that I didn’t have the best grades behind me, and secondly I never thought that leaving London was an option. I cannot lie and say that moving to Medway has been easy but what I can say is that the people I have met here are truly amazing. The campus here offers a diverse and lively group of people who I feel I would not have been exposed to have I had stayed in my comfort zone and this is why I would recommend the university to anybody. There is a sense of community that I feel cannot be replicated anywhere else.

As the campus is quite small and intimate it gives everybody the chance to make their mark on it. I myself have recently become the president of the Medway Pharmacy Students’ Association which will hopefully allow me and the rest of the committee to enhance everybody's experiences in the university.

I like how the course is structured because it gives everybody the chance to achieve and work alongside their peers. If you are thinking of becoming a pharmacist, definitely apply to Medway School of Pharmacy. It gives you great opportunities, predominantly allowing you to have an impact on countless precious lives and make your life amazing.