Habiba Akhtar

2016 MPharm graduate


Subjects have diversified so much that making the right choice, selecting the right university and the right degree can be quiet daunting and challenging. Some people choose subjects based on what they enjoy and others choose it based on long-term career benefits or perhaps both? I was very indecisive when it was my turn to choose my future. I landed on a decision to do pharmacy because my mum bet me that I couldn’t do it. She knew my capabilities and potential which I doubted. If anything, her encouragement made the decision easier for me, mainly because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, nor did I know of any pharmacists whom I could talk to. Luckily, I fulfilled the entry requirements and agreed to pursue pharmacy. Now being in my third year, I have gradually come to realise how far a career like this can really take you.

The MPharm degree covers a huge array of different academic specialities ranging from public health, hospital pharmacy, industrial pharmaceuticals and research to practical training like dispensing, chemistry and biology based labs, OSCEs, Over the Counter (OTC) training and university arranged placements which run during the academic year. MPharm at Medway gives you the opportunity to become a well rounded pharmacist in all these different sectors. They prepare you well for the transition in life as a professional.  They prepare you to be the best. I don’t have any doubts for choosing the MPharm course at the Medway School of Pharmacy. In fact, I feel privileged to be a student here because of the wonderful staff, the location, the limitless opportunities (volunteering, taking part in events, running societies, and competitions), the help that’s always available when asked for and the lifelong friendships that bloom.

Other than academically pushing students, the school encourages student participation in external extracurricular activities that can shine on your CV and enable students to develop into young professionals. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to participate in the STEM awards hosted by The Telegraph in association with Babcock International.  I chose to enter the pharmaceutical category sponsored by GSK and excelled in it with the help of my university and my lecturers who provided me with continuous support and encouragement throughout the competition which I am very grateful for.

Unlike the majority, I made a decision to commute to Medway from London. The University of Greenwich provide and run a very convenient and frequent inter-campus coach service which runs from Greenwich to Medway. It is appropriate for those who still wish to enjoy the city life of London with the suburban calmness of the Medway campus. There is also a Dockside Outlet centre five minutes’ walk away from the campus with lots of great places to eat, a cinema and a Cadbury outlet! Since my time here, my friends and I have created a tradition to treat ourselves to a milkshake every time we need to let off some steam from the stress of studying, and I can say that it certainly works!

Like many other subjects, pharmacy is a challenging course and requires dedication and good time management. However, it is also a very rewarding career. The job opportunities are incredibly diverse and the university itself provides a lot of support with applications and advice. What excites me the most is that there is a career out there for everyone.