Portrait of Ms Fiona Peniston-Bird

Ms Fiona Peniston-Bird

Prescribing Programme Lead for Nurses


Fiona has been involved in Non Medical Prescribing
since 1999 when she became a Community Practitioner Formulary Nurse Prescriber whilst working as a Health Visitor. She trained as a Nurse Independent Prescriber in 2002 and subsequently took a post as Non Medical Prescribing Facilitator within South East Coast Strategic Health Authority in 2003. Fiona founded nmprescribing in 2007, her own business which provides continued professional development for registered NMPs across the UK.

Fiona is Prescribing Lead for Nurses on the Independent/Supplementary Prescribing course at Medway School of Pharmacy and a support tutor for the same course with University of Nottingham. Fiona is an external examiner on all of the prescribing courses at University of Hertfordshire. She is a member of the editorial board for the Nurse Prescribing journal and sits on the BNF Nurse Prescribers Advisory Group, who review the NPF. She has completed bespoke NMP project work for Health Education, Kent, Surrey & Sussex, and Health Education England and is currently a Subject Matter Expert on the assimilation panel following the Nursing Midwifery Council’s consultation on prescribing and medicines management in 2017.




Last updated 20th August 2021