Connie Watson

2016 MPharm graduate


Choosing Pharmacy as a degree was based around my love of the sciences, interacting with people, but also the personal desire to have a career where ultimately I can still have the family life that I want in the future. I have two family members who are practicing pharmacists so was able to see first-hand that this was a career which would enable me to work doing something I love, and eventually settle down and fit family life around my working life. Thinking about your future when deciding a degree is imperative.

I am originally from Plymouth (a large university city on the South Western coast), so moving to Medway and being the closest I’ve ever lived to London (35 minutes into St Pancras) was almost a little adventure in itself! I personally fell in love with the Medway campus at my interview day. The intimacy of the historic red-brick campus was an aspect I knew instantly I wanted to make a part of my university experience.

When visiting the school, meeting the academics, and now being a part of Medway School of Pharmacy, I found that in contrast to other schools of pharmacy, MSOP has a much more ‘homely/family’ feel to it, especially with the lecturers holding an continuous ‘open door policy’. The smaller class sizes (aside from lectures) also allow an easier contact period with teaching staff. MSOP makes up a huge percentage of the Medway campus, so you’re never short of bumping into someone you know, regardless of whether they’re in your year or not.

Socialising at Medway is very ‘get what you give’, so I threw myself in at the deep end and got involved from very early in first year in organising student nights (and days) out! Through doing this, I have found myself in a managerial role working for a student and an Under 18s event company alongside my degree. Ultimately this will benefit me hugely in my future career working life. The Pharmacy Student Association at Medway is the biggest society on campus and the amazing Pharmacy Ball happens every year, where students and academics alike get to let their hair down before knuckling down to study for summer exams.

If I was to reapply to university, I have no doubt that I would choose Medway all over again. The hugely supportive network from the school, along with the amazing group of friends I have made here have ensured that my three years of university so far have easily been the most hardworking, but best years of my life!