Portrait of Dr Cleopatra Branch

Dr Cleopatra Branch

Senior Lecturer in Clinical and Professional Practice


Dr Cleopatra Branch joined Medway school of Pharmacy in 2005 as a Teacher Practitioner for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. During the same period she worked as a Specialist Clinical Pharmacist in surgery at East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust.

In 2008, she moved full-time into academia as Clinical Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice. Cleopatra continues to contribute to undergraduate teaching provision. She is also currently serving as a Convenor for the Pharmacology and Therapeutics 1 module and Pre-registration Coordinator.

Cleopatra held a variety of senior posts including Senior Surgical Pharmacist, Directorate Lead Surgical Pharmacist, academic and NHS Research Associate positions (UK) as well as Chief Pharmacist of a 600-bed hospital (Caribbean) during her extensive career of more than twenty years in hospital pharmacy.

Research interests

Cleopatra's research interest is currently centred on nutrition, she is particularly interested in the role of community pharmacists as nutrition educators, providing guidance and advice to customers/patients on life style changes which may involve dietary changes and behavioural modification or signposting patients to qualified dieticians/nutritionists, to help prevent nutrition-related illnesses and complications. This could ultimately lead to improved health outcomes with economic benefits and improved quality of life. She is also interested in exploring and evaluating innovative technologies such as patient simulation models used to prepare novice practitioners for future practice and support current practitioners in the delivery of effective pharmaceutical services.


Last updated 1st August 2022