Adenrele Komolafe MPharm



Currently Senior Pharmacist, Electronic prescribing at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS trust. 

I always wanted to learn about drugs. I was fascinated by them. Why could I take one pill and it stops my headache while another gets rid of my infection? How does that work? What are these compounds? Where do these chemicals work in the body?  Whenever I saw medication in use these questions and more would eat at me. From year eleven until open days and interviews at universities while in year thirteen I was torn between pharmacology and pharmacy. I eventually chose to study pharmacy because the course provides a clear route which leads to helping people upon completion of the course.

I loved this campus as soon as I saw it. The others I had been to just weren’t like it. After seeing places like the Drill Hall library and Pilkington building during a quick tour, I just wanted to be done with A-levels. But it wasn’t just aesthetics. I had to make sure I was making the right decision. I did some comparing and contrasting between this school and the others which had offered me a place. I also asked a friend from the same town who was already in the school. Everything I found out about Medway School of Pharmacy was positive; all I then had to do was get the required grades.

I’m now in my third year, and it has become more about the application of knowledge, especially in a clinical setting than previous years. I enjoy this a lot. Especially when it was time for decision making in the dispensing lab. Sometimes there is no right or wrong decision to make. You need to contextualize the information you are given and decide what is best for a hypothetical patient. I enjoy these sessions because I am not being told what is right, I am expected to justify what I believe is the right course of action. It allows me to use what I have been taught and what I have learned to make my own decisions.

On one hand I have started learning a combat sport with the Muay Thai Club. On the other I am president of the Medway Pharmacy Student’s Association (MPSA). There is no shortage of socials or sports to take part in on campus. This year the MPSA organised a football tournament, an ice skating social the pharmacy ball (BIG event) and other trips and socials. The MPSA ensures that pharmacy students enjoy their time here at Medway and take advantage of all the opportunities for fun and extra-curricular learning. I took up Muay Thai at the start of third year. Joining one of the many sports clubs is one of the best things you can do for your social life. You make friends from a variety of courses, you stay fit and you compete with other universities. There are also many other things to do outside campus. I like the dockside restaurants and the cinema. Going to the bowling alley or roller disco once in a while is also fun.

I definitely would recommend Medway School of Pharmacy! The environment is conducive for learning, the staff are supportive and the campus is always buzzing with activity. We learn how to be the best from the best and our social lives do not suffer. Accommodation at liberty quays is wonderful and if you want somewhere cheaper it’s easy to find another place just as nice or a house of your own. All in all I am happy I chose Medway.