Medway School of Pharmacy

Medway School of Pharmacy

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Chemistry and drug delivery

The Chemistry and Drug Delivery group is based in laboratories with dedicated state-of-the art drug delivery, nanotechnology, spectroscopy, chromatography and organic synthesis facilities.

Our group brings together researchers in medicinal chemistry and drug design, nanotechnology and materials science, drug delivery and pharmaceutics encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to research. This is enhanced via international and national collaborations with both academia and industry.

Our research is centred on three main themes:

  • Pharmaceutics / Drug Delivery
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Materials Science

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Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

We specialise in classic drug delivery formulations and targeted delivery into tissues and modelling the processes involved. The goal of our research is to improve drug delivery via targeted delivery of drugs into the cells, improving the dissolution and solubility of poorly water soluble drugs, and particle engineering to develop modified excipients for better drug.

Our group has multidisciplinary scientific approach which includes: the development of novel formulations for oral, pulmonary and transdermal delivery, physico-chemical characterization of developed nano/micro particles, development of bioresponsive nanocarriers for intracellular delivery of protein, DNA and siRNA, designing novel techniques for dissolution testing of controlled release formulations and computational modelling of drug release and absorption from various drug delivery routes including transdermal, oral and pulmonary routes.