Portrait of Dr Shivaun Gammie

Dr Shivaun Gammie

Senior Lecturer and MPharm Programme Leader


Shivaun graduated from the Welsh School of Pharmacy in 1986 and started her career in hospital pharmacy (The London Hospital, Tower Hamlets Health Authority and Derby City Hospital) before becoming a Teacher Practitioner Pharmacist at Cardiff Royal Infirmary / Welsh School of Pharmacy gaining her PhD entitled Pharmaceutical Care of the Elderly in 1993. Later Shivaun moved to Devon as a pharmaceutical adviser / medicines management pharmacist during which time she was a National Prescribing Centre training adviser. In September 2008, she joined Medway School of Pharmacy and In January 2017, Shivaun took on the role as MPharm Programme Lead. She also, with Mr Andrew Lea, runs the MPharm4 Preparing for Practice module and most of her teaching is to third and fourth year students. Shivaun is passionate about developing ways to improve the student learning experience and prepare students for clinical practice; developing novel ways of using real, standardised and simulated patients and role play, Audience Response Systems to make lectures more interactive.

Research interests

Shivaun’s main focus within the School is on leading the MPharm programme. However, her research interests are aimed at ensuring that patients get the best use from their medicines thus promoting medicines optimisation.

Recent projects have included managing behaviours that challenge within English care homes: exploration of current practices, medicines advisory services provided by community pharmacists and exploring community pharmacists’ consultation skills.

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