Portrait of  Pitchaya Nualdaisri

Pitchaya Nualdaisri

Research Student


Research topic: Source of medicine information in the UK and Thailand: A public perspective


2008 – 2011: Prince of Songkla University Hat Yai, Thailand, Master of Pharmacy (Social and Administrative Pharmacy). Thesis Title: Cold Chain Monitoring in District and Sub District Stores and Evaluation of  Vaccine Delivery to Health Centers

2003 – 2007: Prince of Songkla University Hat Yai, Thailand. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Sciences)


Thai government scholarship (office of the higher education commission)

Research interests

All studies on the provision of medicine information for patients in Asia and Africa were reviewed and compared to studies in the UK by a scoping review. From the scoping review, we found that there is increasing availability of medicines information for patients, however PILs still do not meet patients’ needs and are often ineffective. Comparing the general public’s use of medicine information sources and opinions on these between countries could be useful for both countries in term of bench-marking, and future improvement. Therefore, we will identify medicine information sources used, and views on sources and perceived needs for medicine information among the general public with experience of using medicines in two countries (UK and Thailand), and  assess quality of Patient Information Leaflet in different countries. 


Supervisors: Professor Janet Krska and Dr Sarah Corlett

Research Group: Clinical and Professional Practice 



Nualdaisri P, Corlett SA, Krska J. Medicine information leaflets in Asia, Africa and the United Kingdom: A scoping Review of the literature. Pharmacoepi Drug Saf. 2019;28(S1):13. 

Conference Activities:

PRIMM conference 2018, 2019