Portrait of Professor Janet Krska

Professor Janet Krska

Professor of Clinical & Professional Practice


Although I have been a registered pharmacist since 1977, I started my working life as a scientist, with a PhD in psychopharmacology obtained from the University of Aston, followed by a post-doctoral position in North-West England studying serum levels of antipsychotic and antimuscarinic drugs in schizophrenia.

My interest in researching into the practice of pharmacy started when I moved to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in 1985, where I studied the development of formularies and guidelines, working with Professor James C Petrie, the founder of SIGN (Scottish Inter-Collegiate Guidelines Network).

Since then my research interests have diversified into areas such as advice-giving in community pharmacy, medication review and pharmaceutical care, drug utilization, pharmaceutical needs assessment, adverse drug reaction reporting and public health. I have held academic posts at the Robert Gordon University School of Pharmacy, where I was Reader in Clinical Pharmacy and also at Liverpool John Moores University School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, as Professor of Pharmacy Practice. In both these positions, I lead the Pharmacy Practice Research Group and this is now my main role here at Medway School of Pharmacy.

I have worked in all fields of pharmacy: community, hospital, industry, primary care, strategic level, journalism and academia and also held honorary contracts in Public Health with Grampian Health Board and Sefton Primary Care Trust.

I maintain strong links with Thailand, where I was visiting professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahasarakham University between 2007 and 2012 and have several MSc/PhD students working at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Khon Kaen University.

Research interests

Overall my research is aimed at improving the experiences of people receiving both pharmaceutical services and medicines, with the aim of gaining maximum benefit and minimising detrimental effects.

Community Pharmacy Services
Much of my research activities have centred around the development and evaluation of novel public health services delivered from community pharmacies. I have been involved in developing services in both Scotland and England, ranging from the provision of free emergency hormonal contraception to screening for risky use of alcohol. Together with colleagues, I have used market research methodologies extensively to explore the views of the public on novel services. Our research repeatedly shows that, while government and pharmacy bodies in the UK strongly advocate the development of these novel services, the public are not aware that pharmacy has a role in public health, viewing them simply as providers of medicines. We believe that pharmacy needs to learn how to market these novel services and that research can inform this, to help change the public's attitudes towards community pharmacies. This will help to support the government's agenda of improving public health through early detection and intervention in behaviours likely to lead to poor health.

Adverse Drug Reactions
Patients' experiences of using medicines is my other main area of research, and I am particularly interested in adverse drug reactions. I was involved in evaluating patient reporting of ADRs through the UK's Yellow Card Scheme. More recently here at Medway we have analysed a large sample of patient reports submitted to this Scheme. We have also studied how patients identify ADRs and the sources of information they use to learn about ADRs.

Medicines Optimisation
Although medicines are the most widely used healthcare intervention and obviously have considerable benefits, little attention is paid to the impact which taking medicines can have on everyday lives of those expected to use them long term. Long-term medicines not only carry risks of ADRs, but can also result in the need for substantial effort to organise life around their use. For most people this becomes routine, but for some it creates problems which can have adverse consequences on overall quality of life. Together with colleagues I have developed a novel instrument to measure the burden of using long-term medicines, the Living with Medicines Questionnaire. This work shows some of the factors which affect perceptions of medicine burden and may be useful in helping to identify those with greatest potential to benefit from pharmacists interventions. Previous research includes several randomised controlled trials which have demonstrated that pharmaceutical care services provided by pharmacists can improve clinical outcomes.


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