Portrait of  Deborah Anang

Deborah Anang

Research Student


Research topic: A new formulation approach utilising material processing methods to develop less bulky pharmaceutical solid dosage forms

June 2014 - Bachelor of pharmacy (First class hons), University of Ghana                                                                September 2019 - Master of science in Pharmaceutical science (Merit), Aston University

Nester Feguson Foundation Scholarship, Aston University 
Medway School of Pharmacy Post Graduate Research Scholarship

Conference Activities: 
International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF), African Regional Symposium - Participant/Trainee(Leaders-In-Training)

Research interests

This is a pharmaceutical formulation project seeking to reformulate existing solid dosage forms into smaller but more efficient systems. Polymer combinations will be processed by solid dispersion and particle geometry modification technologies for optimising the formulations. 

The many possibilities arising from processing widely varying material combination will create the flexibility to tailor formulations for optimal functionality as well as presenting multiple drugs as single dosage systems in a reasonable size. Formulations will be investigated for their physical and chemical characteristics, performance and usefulness, in comparison to existing formulations. Outcome from this research could be applied to improving experience in polypharmacy."


Supervisors: Dr Francis Brako and Dr Maxwell Casely-Hayford

Research Group: Chemistry and Drug Delivery